Yön Yapı Mühendislik Anonim Şirketi

       Yön Yapı Mühendislik Corporation was found in Gaziosmanpaşa on March 17, 2005 . From this date on, company’s main field of activity has been natural gas, heating, refrigeration, air conditioning construction and engineering services for housing, factories and businesses. The company added sales and contracting services “insulation and

façade coatings” among its fields of activity as of 2007, in a short period, the company carried out successful applications in this respect. Since 2009, our company began wholesale of all thermal insulation products. As of 2011, our company began production of EPS insulation products under the ISOLION brand in our facility located in Arnavutköy, and at the beginning of 2012, began production of construction chemicals also in Arnavutköy; moving to facility located in Silivri at the beginning of 2016, our company began to conduct production and sales of all its products from one point. Increasing product variety in the year 2018, the company expanded its production field especially in fields of water insulation chemicals, concrete additives and repair mortars. Thanks to effective franchise system we have established, our company proved its place in the sector. Our company protects its dealers under harsh market conditions and attaches great importance in dealers’ profits and success in the market. Manufacturing with the latest technologies, our company attaches great importance to R&D studies with the aim of manufacturing the best with our trained and experienced staff.As ISOLION insulation systems, our goal is to contribute to elimination of energy waste in our country, which is dependent on foreign energy, to transform structures into more contemporary, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing places, and to serve for people to live a happy and peaceful life.

Our Quality Policy
All resources of our company are allocated in in
accordance with our service policy which is CUSTOMER-
ORIENT, adopts the basic philosophy of CONTINUOUS
While achieving these objectives; it is our policy to act
according to WORK SAFETY rules adhering to the legal
regulations with basic principle of RESPECT for the ENVIRONMENT

To become a leading brand and institution that meets
expectations of its stakeholders at the highest level,
that is loved, trusted and pferred.

With the power we receive from our stakeholders; to
create social value by becoming one of the leading companies
in our sector.